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Hartley TS 16's For Sale

The TS16s listed for sale below are done so FREE of charge, however donations for this service would be greatly appreciated. If you choose to donate the amount is defined by you and the transaction is completed on the secure PayPal site.

Just send an email to the Hartley TS16 Association with 2 to 9 pictures and with information on the following items;

Put all this information in an email to

Boat Name and/or Number

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Price of Boat

Tuross Head NSW



Melbourne, Williamstown
$7,200.00 ono
NSW - Sydney – Kurrajong
$7750.00 ono
South Australia
$6,000 ono
$4,500 negotiable
Ballina Northern NSW
Wulguru (Townsville)
From $2,000
Maitland NSW


"Caveat Emptor" - Buyer Beware. This site takes no responsibility for the quality or seaworthiness of any of the boats advertised on this site . If you are considering buying a Hartley TS16 for serious racing, please ensure that the boat has been measured and certified AND has not been altered negating certification, OR the boat has been built to plan and could be measured and certified without major modification.

The Association keeps extensive records of registered boats and information may be obtained from -